Welcoming Ted Cresswell to The Rayviance Family

Welcoming Ted Cresswell to The Rayviance Family
May 3, 2017 Arden Steiner

Today marks another important step into growing are Rayviance brand. We have hired Ted Cresswell as are Vice President of Sales. Are Rayviance family  welcomed Ted with open arms and open minds. We are very excited to see what Ted brings to the table and his ideas. The Vice President of Sales position is new to Rayviance and was created to accelerate the company’s growth in its core commercial and residential markets.

“Ted Cresswell’s 40 years of experience in the building industry along with his hands on knowledge of energy systems provides us with a significant addition to our team”, said Arden Steiner, President of Rayviance. Ted joins Rayviance having known the company since its inception in 2014. In addition, he has worked with the company’s principals in a consulting capacity for six years.

With Ted on board, we plan on building on our strengths which are providing Efficient, Reliable, Cutting-Edge Energy.


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