• Aug062015

    New Product Has Arrived!

    Picking up our latest shipment in the Port of Baltimore!

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  • Apr282015

    Bucknell – Yes to Solar Water Heaters!

    Rayviance is excited as Bucknell University has officially committed to solar water heaters from Rayviance!  The heaters will be installed this summer on the roof of the Biology building to help heat the make up water for their natural gas powered boiler!  Continue to watch for updates as Rayviance heats water this summer!

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  • Mar022015

    Hot Water In the Snow!

    Rain, sun, or snow – we make water Hot!  25F last night and light snow – today – over 120F water and it is not even lunch time yet!  About 3 hours of sun is all these units saw – yet they are yielding over 120F water!  Springs has sprung in solar and the time is now for you to

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  • Feb182015

    Rayviance in Action

    -21F in Morris Pa and Rayviance was still flowing water!  We heat in the winter time!  Thanks Nelson Yoder for the update from the tundra in Morris!

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  • Feb102015

    Fuel Oil News Article on Rayviance

    Starts with page 34 – Check it out!

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  • Feb052015

    Fuel Oil News

    Good Afternoon Thermal Solar! Please take a moment and look at our article in Fuel Oil News!  If you would like to subscribe please contact Dave Campbell at [email protected]  Great article on how we integrate into oil systems. Happy Reading!

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